Amman on 28/4/2014 – The national team, in charge of reviewing Jordan’s commitment to implement the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), continues its work in cooperation with UNDP’s Regional Project on Anti-corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries (ACIAC). This comes in the framework of Jordan’s efforts to fully implement the UNCAC, knowing that Jordan is among the first countries that became a State Party in February 2005 (list of States Parties). Members of the national team met today with ACIAC’s experts and discussed the progress made and a number of technical points concerning UNCAC’s provisions and their assessment methodology.  

The national team was established in September 2013 under the leadership of the Jordanian Anti-Corruption Commission and received specialized training by experts from UNDP and UNODC in 17-18 September 2014 (see the report). The team consists of four sub-groups, each of them is assigned to assess a part of the preventive measures in the convention, and particularly in its second chapter, as follows:

• Effective and coordinated policies and specialized bodies 

• Public officials 

• Public procurement and role of public and private sectors 

• Public reporting and participation of society

This team is inclusive, in addition to representatives of key ministries, institutions and regulatory bodies, it brings together representatives from civil society, private sector and media, making Jordan among the pioneering countries in the world in terms of including non-governmental organizations in the assessment of UNCAC, thus emphasizing the commitment to transparency and societal participation.

If the work continues in this direction, it is expected that Jordan will finalize the self-assessment report of the preventive measures before the end of summer, this will make it the first Arab country to do so, noting that the results of the report will serve the implementation of the national anti-corruption strategy for 2013 – 2017. It will also support Jordan's participation in the UNCAC review mechanism which is the international mechanism expected to help countries to monitor their implementation efforts and provide them with needed technical assistance.