Non-Governmental Group of the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network





AMAN Coalition for Accountability and Integrity

4 October 2012

Abul Kader Al Husaini

Human Rights Information and Training Center

10 January 2013

Ezzedine Alasbahi

Shaaub for Democracy Culture Establishment

1 August 2012

Saeed Mousa

Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption

9 November 2012

Azmi Al Shuaibi

Arab Anti-Corruption Organization

22 November 2012

Amer Khayyat

Lebanese Transparency Association

31 August 2012

Badr Al Maouchi

Palestinian Center for the Independence of Judiciary and the Legal Profession “MUSAWA”

13 September 2012

Ibrahim Barghouti

Bender Djedid Organization for Socio-economic Development

10 October 2012

Salah Sadek


Kuwait Transparency Society

11 October 2012

Majid Al Mutairi

Libyan Transparency Association

14 October 2012

Ibrahim Ali

Moroccan Network for Defending Public Funds

22 October 2012

Mohammad El Maskaoui

Transparency Maroc

25 October 2012

Ahmad Al Barnoussi

Faculty of Social, Legal and Political Sciences, University of Carthage

26 October 2012

Nayla Chaaban

Tunisian Association for Financial Transparency

30 October 2012

Sami Remadi


Partners Jordan Center for Civic Collaboration

11 November 2012

Mohamad Masadeh

Jordan Transparency Center

14 November 2012

Hilda Ajeilat


Réseau Mauritanien pour l’Action Sociale

4 November 2012

Sidina Waled Khatiri


Alliance Tunisienne pour l’Intégrité et la Transparence

13 April 2013 

Anis Trabelsi


Studies and Economic Media Center

15 April 2013

Mustapha Nasr


Bahrain Transparency Society

18 April 2013

Sharaf Al Mousawi


Rasheed Coalition for Integrity and Transparency 

9 November 2015

Jamal Al Salah

Institut Arab des Chefs d’Entreprises

9 November 2015

Majdi Hassan

Egyptian Junior Business

9 November 2015

Madiha Nasr

Philadelphia University 

27 July 2017

Moatez Al Shaykh Salem

Al Nahrain Foundation forTransparency and Integrity

19 September 2017

Mohamed Rahim Zaghir

Gherbal Initiative

16 August 2019 

Assaad Thebian

Human Rights and Democracy Media Center Shams 

 10 February 2020

Omar Rahal

Kuwait association for protecting public funds

5 June 2020

Saleh Alajmi 


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