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The Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network

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acinet - news

The Arab Region's First Transnational Cooperation against Corruption

ACINET is an Arab region platform that develops the capacities of its members, facilitates information exchange among them as well as with their peers around the world, and provides different stakeholders with a joint platform for policy dialogue and action against corruption.

Latest News

01 Sep 2022

Enhancing Exchange of Experiences between Nazaha and the Saudi Anti-Corruption Authority
Nazaha signed an MoU with the Saudi Anti-Corruption Authority for exchange of experiences in preventing and combatting anti-corruption

10 Aug 2022

Gherbal Initiative Launches the Public Procurement Key Performance Indicators
The Public Procurement KPIs enable public opinion to monitor the performance of procuring entities in Lebanon, by obligating them to publish information during procurement stages

10 Aug 2022

OMSAR’s Appointed Youth Task Force to Counter Corruption
Establishing a Youth National Team to follow up on implementing the Anti-Corruption Strategy is a promising initiative giving youth a seat at the table.

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